The only failure is failing to try

“The only failure is failing to try” is what I’d told my friend when she’d told me that she too had scored a 9 CGPA in class 10. 





70 thoughts on “The only failure is failing to try

  1. Well said! And let me tell you 9 CGPA is not for a mediocre! You did it very well! Guess what two years back, I scored 8.8 in 10th and I was happy! (Not to taunt you sweety!) Though this year I was happy with all the subjects just I broke up when I saw my B.std marks. I was a TOPPER in both 11th and 12 th throughout in B.Std but in finals board gave me 75! Just imagine what things I had to face from my classmates who used to get in 50’s got in 90’s and look at me!
    So sometimes it happens, things don’t come out as we think! But yes there is surely something great waiting for only us! Cheer up and the next time somebody asks your grade tell them, ” Where were you when I was stuck with a doubt and felt😤”
    Chill out marks will never judge your I intellectuality 💚✌✌✌

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  2. hey
    I just wanna let you know ” ki aaj tak ek aisa report card nahi ban paya jo ek bacche ki kabilyat bata sake”

    just don’t let the negativity of the world drown you… stay afloat… fly high, break records… be yourself…
    all the 10.0 cgpa’s can turn out to be some kind of weird dorks… you are beautiful just as you are, never change and always remember that we love u 4 who r are….

    ❤ 🙂 😉 ❤

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  4. Many greats of this world were not genius. Many greats of this world had attention deficit disorders. Many greats had learning disability. Only a good CGPA doesn’t make you successful in life.

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  5. hey Upasana ! my gosh if you call 9 CGPA as an average grade point ….I wonder what will you call 7 CGPA as??? I am worried as one year back on may 28 I got 7 CGPA in class 10th …I was satisfied with these CGPA as I never bothered about my marks …I just care about my dear its my advice to you never bother about your marks ,they won’t help you in future in any way and specially no one will ask you your percentage in future…they will just test your knowledge….so just increasing knowledge should be your priority not increasing your marks or how much you remember in exams…..Don’t spoil your mood….so common dear let us be happy “A 9 pointer and a 7 pointer”….

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  6. My dear upasana I too have something to share with you. First of all I am surprised by your writing that you are just in class 11 and it’s worth appreciating. Secondly I have already completed my masters from d. U with second division, why I am telling you this to prove you my point, that your cgpa marks doesn’t matter at all. I scored 75% in class 10 as in my times there was no cgpa. After my result my dad didn’t talked to me for a long time, relatives friends you yourself can know, then in 12 also I disappointed my parents by not scoring in 90’s.but guess what today I am eligible to teach in colleges and doing good. Many of my friends who scored in 90’s too are not happy and content and yes successful as I am. My dear life is long I too didn’t understood this long back, but now I laugh on it learned my lesson and promised not to repeat with my future generation or my near dear ones. It’s knowledge what matters not marks trust me telling you with 9 years of experience

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  7. Very well written. I have also been in that situation and I have learned to stay positive and keep moving forward and give it your all and not care what others think. Sometimes it can be difficult, but don’t let it.

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  8. I never even went to college and my life both personally and spiritually are a success! In high school I struggled to be a c- average, but my parents knew that for me I was trying my hardest, and they were proud of me. If I ever got an 8 out of 10, let alone a 9, my parents probably would have asked who I copied off of. LOL Be proud of yourself! A number on some test does not make a person; it’s what is in your HEART that makes a person, and it sounds like you have a good one!

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